Quilted Leather Jackets: New Way to Personalize Your Style

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When you see a quilted leather pattern the first thing that may come to mind in elegance and sophistication. From high end cars, to expensive leather purses, quilted leather can item an awesome appearance; making it a very sought after look. This is no different when it comes to leather jackets. This added attention to detail is what makes certain jackets stand out from the crowd.

There are many different ways to utilize the “quilt” pattern to give specialized looks. By doing that, it allows these jackets to be worn with any outfit and be able to fit into any wardrobe. Let’s take a look at some quilted leather jackets and see if any of them can fit into your closet.

Moto Racer Men’s Cropped Quilted Leather Biker Jacket

This jacket is a great example of what a motorcycle jacket should look like. The best part of this Moto Racer Men’s Cropped Quilted Leather Biker jacket is that it can be used every day. It features a modern tab neck line, and cropped waist, the quilted red accents across the back and elbows. If you are a rider, then this would be a great option, and if you don’t ridge, this stylish piece would still work with a number of outfits.

Venerable Women’s Quilted Designer Leather Jacket

This jacket combines the ultimate styles of both sexy and sassy! The bold red leather offset by the black, sets this jacket up to being any girl’s best friend. The cut of the jacket is tapered in the midsection and will help give any women's shape that hour glass figure. The quilted stitching on the arms offers a feminine look, while the slanted zipper gives the jacket strong lines. This great look would complement a pair of fitted pants or jeans and stiletto red heels.

Dazzling Women’s Quilted Leather Jacket

Elegant is the only word to explain this Dazzling Women’s Quilted Leather Jacket! It is sure to be a head turner! The extremely fine and detailed quilted leather covers the entire jacket making this piece so exceptional. The softness of the rounded neckline gives this jacket an even more feminine quality, as if that were possible. This jacket looks like it was made for a movie star, but by pairing it with anything you have in your closet, it will be meant for you as well!

Superman Red Fashion Leather Jacket

There is no explaining the awesomeness of this Superman Red Fashion Leather Jacket! This ultimate style is a must have for comic and movie lovers alike. Superman defines what everyone wants to be, and by wearing this jacket, you will feel like your very own super hero. The detailed embossed logo on the front and detailed quilted shoulder makes this a leather jacket of anyone’s dreams!

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