Pink isn't just a color for Women - It's an Attitude

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Those were the days when the only color people used to wear were Black, White or Brown. With the passage of time and the involvement of lot more people in fashion gave birth to many new ideas. For instance, Pink Color got fame among Women Fashionista.

Working closely with the latest trends and and following the footsteps of Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani, team Faechan has introduced exclusive Pink Leather Jackets for its Women fans.

Often we come across the terms like “Jack of all trade master of none” believe it or not, the celebrities we are going to introduce with you are so much opposite to this common myth. Their skills and personality have tied lot of people in love with them.

This is not all, their appearance on run ways, cinemas or on the stage are equally charming and enticing. Let’s solve the pack of mystery by talking about the enthusiastic Business lady whose acting career got bright from the Dark Angel. Starting her career from Camp Nowhere and then taking it to Fantastic Four which awarded Jessica real distinctive position. Beside her acting career Jessica Alba is also socialite and she is also known as role model for her social contributions.

Talked enough about Jessica, now let’s draw your attention toward that lady whose Dark Lipsticks always fascinated lot of fashionistas. If you couldn’t guess the right person then take another guess and think about the lady who made record sale of Seven Million Copies of her debut album Love, Angel, Music, Baby. This time you got it right, Gwen Stefani no doubt is source of inspiration for many of classic as well as latest music lovers.

You might be thinking why on earth we are mentioning these two entirely different celebrities in one go. Answer to this question is quite easy. It’s called their Style Inspiration and their deep Love with the Pink Leather Jackets. Though their personal as well as social lives might differ yet Fashion stats of these Celebrities match exactly when it comes to Pink Leather Jackets.

Women fashionistas are so much in love with these Pink Leather Jackets that has motivated our enthusiasts to get one for our fans instantly. For the fans of these celebrities it would not be more than a surprise to know that Fae now has extended its wings towards Women Pink Leather Jackets too. By the meantime we have added these two Celebrity Styles in our annexation, yet artisans of our team are working on other patterns too.

So stay tuned for the latest arrivals and enjoy happy wearing.

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