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Did you ever wonder why fashion bloggers keep on bringing latest trends and styles for you? May be you have or may be not but honestly, let’s imagine for a minute. What would happen if none of the blogger would have presented his/ her idea? How would have you felt if there were no fashion shows, ramp walks or other festivals? Of course the things were never same.

We would have not that much updated trends or may be very few of us had an access over these trends. Somehow these are the endeavors of fashion bees whose attachment with the fashion hive is yielding fresh honey for us. This spell we have paid honor to the wholehearted ventures of Georgina Walker by mentioning few lines about her Notes La Mode Fashion Blog.

Behind the times ancestors used to say that books may be the best buddy of mankind. However if we take a look at growing number of social channels and bombardment of selfies/ photographs over these channels then depict us that the myth books are best buddies is now replaced with Cameras and lenses are integral part of your life and if you are blogger or you love to equip yourself with the latest trends then an excellent camera is sure thing that should accompany you.

Here it is worth mentioning that an array of fashion bloggers across the world has made fashion enticing. Aesthetics of these folks are blessing many of the newbie fashionista. These style gurus are leaving sound footsteps for the new entrants by letting them know the combos and style.
Whether you remember or not but we had promise to present some of the best fashion bloggers for you. Keeping our promise fulfilled, this time we are here to introduce you an enthusiastic 19 years blogger of South East England who started her lifestyles from KissesFromEngland and soon those kisses transformed into Notes.

Georgina a student of Journalism from University of Roehampton loves travelling. Taking look at her noteslamode would reveal that she is making progress by leaps and bounds. Her stylish shots and eagerness to look catchy are some attributes that have made her an apple of eye for many of the brands like Zara, Yes for me and many other big shots. Beside her style sense this gorgeous lady really knows how to array words and the art to make style in front of camera. Apart from her style sense, her love for food is also evident from her blog. Though we have showered few wordy sprays for Georgina Walker but we should not ignore the cohesive efforts of Cansu Ozkara, Katya Brigitte and all others photographers who have showed great professionalism through this blog.

Team Faechan being true fashion admirers really appreciate the efforts and styles carried by this young lady. We furthermore offer them very best of luck in her future endeavors. If you love blogging and want our editorial team to add your bibliography and creativity in our Fashion Blog section then feel free to get in touch with us.

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