The Wait is over - NightWing Leather Costume is here

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It’s time to say thanks and honor to all the lovers of Nightwing, though we already have that Jacket in our annexation but this Costume is special thanks to all beloved fellows who showed lot of trust on our product. The fandom and the popularity of this famous character is not hidden from all of us. If you are new to the comic world, let’s make another guess by drawing your attention toward one of the most iconic character of Marvel series who used to accompany Batman as a child and fought as bravely with The Joker as the Batman did.

Bingo! There you bet on the right horse, we are referring here to one of the most famous character of Robin who later on grew up and adopted the new name of Nightwing.  Emblematic standing of this little champ and his acts of valor have compelled many of the big shots to admire him.

Apart from his heroic stunts and endeavors, the costume used by Nightwing also gained as much popularity as of that character himself.

This is the reason our artisan, having aerial perspective introduced first time ever the Nightwing Leather Jacket.  Successive, perpetual and breathtaking transactions of this Jacket and queries of NightWing Leather Costume asked our style setters to come up with the complete outfit.

Editorial Team of Faechan, here takes pride while enunciating the annexation of this decent yet the sexiest Nightwing Leather Costume into their gallery. Though at the moment, Men Fashionista would be able to bless themselves with this spectacular item, but how on earth our artisans could deprive their women followers too? Working days in and days out, we would soon come up with the Women Nightwing Leather Costume too.

Talking little about it’s specification, the finest quality of leather used in its fabrication, stylish pattern, decent color combo and our love for you makes this Leather Outfit an outrageous one to serve you the purpose of Motorcycling as well as Halloween Attire.

So let now your hands get empty and wardrobe get filled with the dull and boring costumes, while your very own creation of Faechan is here for you.

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