Rider Gear Wanted: Motorcycle Closeout that will Make you want to Ride

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A well fitted motorcycle closeout can make anyone stand out. It is sophisticatedly casual and when worn with confidence it flatters almost everyone. Let’s step back for a moment and looked at the overall functionality of a motorcycle closeout. They are made for performance and function to protect the rider from harmful elements. The material selected for this job is important as well.

Leather has been the go to for this style because of its’ ability to resist scratching if the rider does get into an accident. It doesn’t only protect from injury, it also stands up great against mother nature, keeping the rider even better protected. Due to the fact that its’a natural material, it better contours to the body, making it extremely comfortable while riding.

Looking at these from strictly a fashion point of view, all motorcycle closeout jackets and suits are cut similarly, giving a very fitted and well defined look. It provides both men and women an edgy appearance and can be incorporated into any style. Here are some motorcycle closeout jackets that will make any rider want to grab them.

Empyrean Women’s USA Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Even though a majority of the street bikes are imported, it shouldn’t stop any rider from wanted to have this sleek Women’s USA Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket. Not only will this stunning red make you more visible then a standard black jacket, it will also keep you safe. This jacket is for the true female rider, putting color and functionality into one beautifully crafted jacket.

Motorcycle Men Racing Leather Jacket

In terms of style, this jacket is hands down the optimal riding jacket for anyone. The shorter waist gives the supreme comfort for sport bike riding particularly. This is a jacket made more for purpose than for fashion. With the added protection around the back, shoulders and elbows, this will more importantly keep you safe. The added benefit to jackets that are cut like these is the attention given to the color choice. With bold contrasting colors, it will make you visible to everyone around you.

Paradisal Men Red Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The color red isn’t only for women. This primary color keeps all eyes on you. Seen here in this Paradisal Med Red Leather motorcycle jacket, the color fits right into the masculine cut of the jacket. The word “Racing” accents the front along with two designs on either shoulder. The slightly extending back, thickness of the leather, as well as padding offers superior protection to the wearer. Because this cut is slightly longer, this jacket can be worn casually, but is ultimately intended for the serious rider.

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