Red is the New Black: Mens Red Leather Jackets 2016

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Having red in your fashion repertoire is an absolute must! There are no if and’s or buts about it. No ones' closet is complete without it; man or woman. It may be the adding part that has you worried.
But don’t fear, we are here to show you how to make red work for you! Not only does this primary color stand out bolder than the rest, it invokes so many emotions . It stand for fire, war, strength and so much more. Why wouldn’t you want this color scattered throughout your wardrobe? With all that said, let’s be very clear that red is just as much for men as for women.
Let's see how red can be integrated into any masculine outfit. Here is a look at three red leather jackets that will make you want to go out and buy them.
Leather one of the best materials that can be used for a jacket. It is durable, soft and moves with the body perfectly. Leather jackets specifically are not only used for protection against the elements but for fashion as well. Let's see how any man can incorporate these mens red leather jackets into their style.
The biker jacket is perfect for any look. It is perfect if you actually ride a bike because it fits close to the body and tailored to cover all the areas needed when riding. Now if you don’t have a motorcycle, this style is great for an everyday jacket that can be causally worn with jeans and a t-shirt. The red will make the outfit standout and give it a great finished look.
Depending on how daring you are with your style, this throwback 80’s style jacket with bring life to any outfit! For most who would rock this jacket, jeans should be worn. You could complete the look with a pair of sneakers or any black shoe. This wouldn’t be an everyday look, but could defiantly be incorporated into an outfit when stepping out on the town. Wear this jacket, don’t let it wear you!
Fitted jackets can really be for all body types, but particularly compliments a slim build. This red leather jacket can be worn with any outfit and can be dressed up or down depending on where you are headed or what style you’re going for.
All of these can easily be added to your closet, but here are a few tips. If you have a bigger build, start off with the biker jacket unless you know you can handle the studded mens’ jacket, as that is a lot of style in one piece. Like mentioned before if you are smaller in build maybe start with the fitted jacket, because if the other two aren’t tailored appropriately, the size and color may be overwhelming for your overall look. Whatever jacket fits your style best, make sure to add it to your look!

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