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The fact that changes in fashion are taking as much leaps as kangaroo does cannot be denied at all. Furthermore change is natural; things need to change so as the patterns. The history of Leather Jackets that somehow started from Bomber category now passed through many transitions. Somewhere it has seen the changes like quilted to vintage whereas somewhere these have come across with amended versions like Vest and Coats.

Ever wondered what are the reasons that lead designers to design different styles? You may have thought lot about it but today let us tell you, these are the fashion habits and etiquettes which persuaded fashion artists to sketch different Leather Jacket Styles. Talked much about patterns now it’s time to present some of the hot topics which are under discussion.

Leather Biker Jackets
One reason that gave birth and hike to Bikers could be the appearance of Bad Boys in the 50 and then the Johnny Deep’s Cry Baby , it would be injustice if we exclude these two films as one of the motivational factor for Bikers Leather Jacket. Do you wonder why these Jackets are called as Biker’s? The explanation may be the unique styles of these outfits plus the adaptability or junction of these with the motorbikes. Elaborating it further our artisans and gurus say that these apparels are the best ones that could be used in casual routine too.

Leather Bomber Jackets
The fame of Bomber Leather Jackets is not hidden from any one at all. Infect these are the first ever category that gave birth to all other patterns. Why do you think one would use Bomber Leather Jackets? Of course the main purpose of these outfits is to keep you warm. This could be the one factor another one is of course the comfort lies in this sensational outfit.

Coats and their association with Indiana Johns and Dr who is like Romeo and Juliet. Coats are the main closet in winter. We use coats so as to make an impressive look while keeping yourself warm from shrugs to knee. Not only is this, the detective style coats very much in demand these days.

Leather Blazer
Restless nature of human always inspired him to reshape and remold things. Experimental inceptions of mankind sometimes turned long into short and the very next moment whole scene got vice –versa. Same is the case that took place with the Blazers. Though this one is the branch of Coats yet tenderness towards these ones gets more space as compared to other closeouts.

Leather Quilted Jackets
Quilted Leather Jackets and their adoration with the Kristen Stewart is the strongest bondage. This is the style that has sort of quilts either over shoulders or near the lower abdomen. In a fashion survey it has been found that after Bomber, Biker and Vintage, Quilted Style is also one of the hottest selling items.

Leather Vests
Vests are often called as trimmed versions of jackets. Though these are mostly used when there is not that much cold, however this is not the hard and fast rule as we see lot more people now optimize this style as fashion symbol instead of covering themselves from cold.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets
There are people who love living life on the edge. For them, life is all about being on motorbike while touching grounds by leaning their knee and ankle. Fashion gurus also respected their desire and thus produced Motorcycle gears for them. Motorcycle Leather Jackets are far different from traditional ones and the reason is the thickness of the stuff. Moreover while canvassing this image, artisans and experts pay more concentration to its durability than the comfort.

What’s good in it?
Of course there is lot more for you. Fashion zealots would be delighted to know that Faechan and their experts have touched every single Leather Jacket Styles and now you can get complete range and style of Leather Jacket.

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