Be your favorite Superhero everyday: Green Lantern Leather Jacket

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You don’t have to fly in the air to look like your favorite super hero! With new modern makes of our favorite super hero movies, we can all find ways to get these looks into our very own wardrobes. And to even go one step further, our favorite actors who play these larger than life character, can be spotted wearing some of their same looks. No matter where you look for fashion, it is undeniable that our favorite characters hold a special place in our hearts.

One piece of clothing that we see our fav celebs wearing is a lot is leather. They always seem to find some fashionable way to make it a part of their style. By adding a leather jacket into your mix of clothes, you could easily transform your ordinary looked, into something that has star power.

If a DC character Green Lantern is one of your favorites, this Green Lantern Leather Jacket for men is something that you’d have to add to your collection. The simple yet, eye catching look is just enough to make you want to harness some powers of your own. The black and green contrast gives it such a masculine look while incorporating the signature Green Lantern Logo from the DC comic.

This jacket has such a presence about it, that no matter what your fashion style may be, you would be able to wear it with confidence. It could be part of your everyday wear making you feel like a super hero the entire time.

You don’t have to be a science fiction lover to appreciate the style this amazing jacket provides. With the never ending possible combinations, you will have heads turning no matter where your next adventure takes you too.

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