Faechan Presents 5 Unique Womens Leather Jackets for this Season

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As a woman, you never want to go anywhere and see somebody else wearing your jacket or anything that you have on for that matter. Finding unique pieces used to require lot of time and searching at hard to find boutiques. However, with such amazing online stores, all it takes is a press of a button to find fashion that not many other people have.
Finding unique leather pieces can almost be just as challenging, however at Faechan unique jackets are what they specialize in.
Be the trend setter instead of the follower by wearing any one of these unique womens leather jackets with your already amazingly constructed outfit.
Premium Vintage Style Nubuck Leather Women's Black Leather Jacket
Incorporating styles from the past is one way to be sure to stand out from the rest. Just like this premium vintage style nubuck leather women's black leather jacket. A piece from the past can make the presents so much more fashionable. With the tapered buttons down the front of the jacket, and cut like it was made for the female body, this entirely unique vintage style jacket could be worn with anything. Pair it with a white chiffon blouse and long fitting dark jeans and a pair of stilettos. You could wear this from the office to a night out on the town.
1 Button Timeless Leather Blazer for Women
No matter what, the woman's blazer will never go out of style. It is a chic look that can be thrown together on top of any outfit for the office or for play. This unique gray one button leather blazer for women is just the piece that anyone would need in their wardrobe. With the stitching across the front, giving the illusion of an elevated waist line, the one button closure in the middle of the jacket helps give any women a waist. This style will flatter any woman making them feel and look timeless just like this blazer.
Enchanting Red Leather Jacket for Women
Fashionable does not mean you'd have to give up functional. This longer red leather jacket for women will cover up your backside for when the weather gets chilly. The length of the jacket, in addition to the vibrant silver zipper and buttons gives this jackets a unique look in and of itself. Throw it on all repair of leggings and a T-shirt or with jeans and boots and you will be able to rock this style no matter where you are.
Fashionista Women's Designer Leather Jacket
Red and black could not get any sexier than with this fashionista woman's designer leather jacket. The elegant quilted leather on the color and shoulders offers a unique touch of femininity to this motorcycle tailored jacket. The contrasting black zipper down the front of the jacket give the illusion of a more tapered waist which any woman would love. The pop of color at the ends of the sleeves will also make any woman look elongated. The best part is this jacket to be paired up with almost any outfits making it amazing.
Ultimate Women's Black Belted Leather Jacket
Unique is most definitely the word that comes to mind when looking at this ultimate woman's black belted leather jacket. The original belts across the sleeves and back of the jacket makes it a piece a fashion and its own right. Is ultimately crazy sexy cool jacket can be paired with anything from a lacy dress to jean shorts and sneakers.  If unique is what you are truly after, this jacket is the one for you.

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