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How many of you remember or even knew the very up to the minute happenings and trends of fashions? May be few of us. Have you guys ever thought what the reason is for that? Why is it like lot more people now trying to bring their fervors to you with a belief that you would certainly like their styles as well as Fashion Blogs?

While staying honest let us tell you every other vogue’s magician is trying hard to convince vogue lovers by casting their magic spells. Alongside changing fashion habits lot more fashion bloggers have also chipped in. Some of these enthusiasts only present their ideas in the form of words whereas others go one step ahead by doing modeling as well as writing quality oriented ideas too. In the very first phase our editorial team would like you to have a glimpse on one of the emerging Fashion Blogger.

Dunya Kamal one of the stylish lady these days has become focal point for many of the brands. The reason for being popular is, her unique ideas that do not cover only fashion industry rather she presents lot more ideas that includes music, new things, baking and lot more.

Though this charismatic lady emphasizes much more on attires, however if we take a look at her photoshoots one thing would get reveal on us for sure and that is her, aesthetic sense.

Fashion gurus think that this stylo lady would prosper lot more. Why should she not? While she is advocating some of the big shots like All Saints, Top Shop, Superga and many other through her superlative modelling.

Courteous looks, captive smile and her modest dressing are few attributes that lead this model to be one of the lead model in such growing competition. Looking from another angle would reveal on us that her photo team is also very expert and professionalism in them is at its peak. It is therefore if you look at her stills you would not be able to stop yourself from admiring both, the beauty and its holders.

In this very series of fashion addicts this is enough for now. To know more about other Fashion Bloggers stay tuned to us. Or you know someone who is good in his/her skills and want to mention us even then we would love to hear you.

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