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“I love you Faechan and I am really grateful to you for all the efforts you have been doing for us.  It’s been really pleasure to have your Nightwing Leather Jacket. I would be more delighted if you could bring the whole Nightwing Leather Costume for me” Remarks and suggestion from one of our beloved follower that we received via mail.  Team Faechan really takes pride and respect all suggestions and concerns of its shoppers and fans.

Faechan and Fashion journey could never be accomplished without you this is why apart from looking at latest patterns, our team members are also connected to fans too. We would also pay our extended gratitude to all contributors who let us think all the time and make our designs much more alluring.

Today we feel much delighted by enunciating that our experts have now cut the ribbon of Celebrity Costumes too. In this section you would be able to grab complete costume. It would be worth mentioning, this section is dedication to all those whose deep and sincere affections have awarded us this much distinction.

At the moment our artisans have come up with the Nightwing, Green Lantern, Deadpool, Superman, X-Men costumes both for Men and Women. However we are working for other patterns too, which soon will be added in our collection.

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