They have it, You Can Afford It: Exclusive Celebrity Fashion Leather Jackets

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With so many elaborate outfits used in block buster movies, it is refreshing to catch of glimpse of an outfit that you would want to actually include in your daily wardrobe. Celebrity fashion is all round us. From the big screen, to the covers of magazines and all over the internet.
We see these awesome outfits and they trigger emotions within us.
It may be the feeling of being sexy and cool. Or maybe it goes further than that, making you feel like the characters you are dressing like. But the best part is that we can wear them! It may be as simple as adding a stand out piece to your collection.
You can get the same look as these celebrities by simply adding one of these celebrity fashion leather jackets.  
If you haven’t heard of Kristen Stewart or the epic “Twilight” series, then you have been living under a rock. Bella Swans’ fashion sense grew up and changed through the series. She went from sullen teenager to super sultry vampire and her grown up style jumped off of the big screen right onto Kristen herself! This amazingly sexywomens’ quilted leather jacket will bring out both the sexy and fierce vampire within you just in this oneamazing jacket. The detailed stitching on the upper portion of the jacket gives it a very feminine touch, while the contrasting zippers keeps it looking edgy. It is so versatile that you could dress it up or down depending on whatever mood you’re in!
Who wouldn’t want to have a bad boy image? The girl always seems to fall for the brooding hunk in the leather jacket. And nothing says bad boy like Damon Salvatore from TV hit series“The Vampire Diaries.” On screen he is seen in thismens’ black leather jacket. Ideal for any build, this slightly fitted jacket incorporates just enough detail to make it perfect for any relaxed look. The turned down collar gives it a subtle throwback feel. Put on a with a white t-shirt, ripped jeans, and finish it off with some Chuck Taylors. It will leave you feeling bad boy cool!
Nothing says sweetheart like this super feminine leather jacket as seen here worn by Kylie Minogue. With the statement quiltedred heart in the front, and the contrasting white piece sign displayed on the back, what girl wouldn’t want this as part of her wardrobe? It gives the feeling of young and flirty, but also has that all grown up look due to the biker jacket cut and the leather material. Because this look is so soft, it can be paired with jeans, shorts or anything in between.

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