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I love watching kids while playing. Sometimes I wonder how much trends have changed. There was time when kids used to play hide and seek or their most favorite game used to be soccer or rugby.

Few days back I was just sitting and we were having discussion on some issue and all of sudden I saw my nephews who were copying some comic characters one of them was holding hammer and was trying to be Thor whereas the other one was shielding himself with Frisbee by proclaiming himself to be Captain America my crackle then transformed into chuckle when I saw my youngest niece who was trying hard enough to be Wonder Girl.

These role plays then started molding my mind towards the thought that what could be the motivational factors that helped these kids in learning such role plays. If we carefully take a look towards the changing fashion trends we would come to know that the fervor of DC comics now a day has covered every one. The only reason for that is the dominance of these superhero characters on big screens.

Get The Same Look

In a survey related to fashion, it has been stated that Celebrity Costumes are one of the most selling items in the Leather Jacket Industry and we back this thing as we have witnessed the record sale of our hottest Dead pool and Nightwing Celebrity Costumes in the very early days of its origin.

Here it should be mentioned that almost all DC and Marvel Comic characters gained some grounds however still the love for Captain America, Avengers, Nightwing, Batman, Superman and Dead pool is deep enough. People are so much in love with these apparels that even single costume of these characters and their subs is not missed at all.

We love the fact that people admire our efforts and they appreciate our artisan’s masterstrokes by procuring our Celebrity Costumes. In a feedback survey our followers consider us as first contact when it comes to Superhero Costumes and the reason for that is quite simple i.e. the supreme quality of the stuff used in manufacturing, affordable price tags and our committed workers who always back their customers with devotion and love.

So once again we would ask you not to get distract by wandering here and there on such portals who consider themselves to be the master but at the same time their after sale service would let your hands on some bad experience.

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