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Who doesn't look good in a well fitted blazer leather jacket? Every man, and women for that matter, should have a few to choose from. A great way to make your blazer leather jacket stand out from the rest is to have one that is made out of leather. The material itself takes this entire look to a new level. You see more and more people, including celebrities in these blazers and jackets. So who wouldn't want to be seen in them? Throwing on a blazer offers a more relaxed look than any other traditional coat and brings a sense of style to a man’s look. There is no denying that leather is a very masculine material and gives the wearer a bad boy presence, no matter what the cut of the jacket. The best part is, it takes no planning to simply throw it on, bringing you an effortless style before you hit the road.

Faechan has the ultimate collection of these blazer leather jackets for men that you can pick up today!

Sumptuous Suede Men's Black Leather Blazer Jacket
For a lighter look, this suede black blazer jacket men is perfect for a night out or to switch up your casual day at work look throwing it on with a pair of jeans. The double breasted closures provide a clean classic look, making this the perfect blazer for any occasion.  Style this in a western look with cowboy boots and a nice black cowboy hat or keep it trendy with dark jeans and sneakers. Whichever look you prefer you will look great wearing it.

Engaging Draper Black Leather Blazer Jacket Men
Channel your inner 50's greaser and bring it into a look of today! This engaging draper black leather blazer jacket is the ultimate true biker jacket. It is the perfect look for anyone wanting to capture a little bit of a throwback look, making it a fashion statement for today! To seal the deal, the silver split zipper allows just enough attention to detail to make it, but not over accessorized it.

Classy Mens Reefer Black Blazer Jacket
The perfect combination of the leather blazer and the draper jacket is this classy men's reefer black leather blazer jacket that ties the best of both in to one unique piece. The double breasted buttons are a great look when closed but give the jacket an entirely new look when left open, making it seem more casual. Leave it open with a simple white t-shit and ripped jeans can bring this style a look for a younger generation.

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