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It's fair to say that everybody needs a little leather in their life. One of the easiest and most fashionable ways to bring leather into your wardrobe is by adding a leather jacket. You could always go the route of leather pants or possibly leather skirts, however leather jackets always seem to bring that edge and fashion to any outfit.
The best part about leather jackets, is that they come in every possible style or color you could want. You could go as fashion forward as being studded in diamonds or as simplistic as having a belt to secure the coat in front. Regardless, no matter what your taste maybe, there is a jacket out there for you.
Here are some of the best leather jackets in the world for men and women in all shapes and sizes.
If you have a street motorcycle, you may already feel like a superhero. This Nightwing leather jacket made for motorcycle riders is something straight out of a comic book. Not only will give you the look of ripped abs and bulging muscles do the protective padding specifically for motorcycle jackets. The signature look of the comic character Nightwing will become a part of you.
When adding a leather jackets to any outfit you're automatically bringing an edgy style that is able to transcend the outfit. With this Zendaya Coleman woman's black leather jacket the options of how you can style it are endless. The amount of intricate detail given to every belt loop on this jacket, could very easily be styledwith a red lacy dress and some stilettos.The color in the front makes it even more feminine as does the quilted stitching on the back of the shoulders. This jacket, with all of that style is one of the best out there.
You may not feel comfortable with such an edgy look that is given with a traditional black leather jacket. But that definitely will not be the case when you wear this Kylie Minouge Heart leather biker jacket. The traditional shape of a motorcycle jacket is perfect to accentuate any woman's curves. With the naturally tapered waist and fitted arms, it can bring out the best in any body shape. The quilted red leather hearton the front of the jacket could not get any more feminine if you tried. Flip it around and you will see a large peace sign and contrasting white leather matching the shoulders and elbows. Any woman, anywhere could wear this jacket with anything.
This is for all you men out there, do not be afraid of color. Although black leather jackets are what men typically wear, adding a pop of color is just as attractive. By throwing on a design such as the ritzy men's designer red leather biker jacket, you will most definitely have any woman's attention. The simple studded shoulder design and large zippered front give just enough style to make it flashy but not overbearing. Anybody can wear this jacket, however with the new hip-hop trend of incorporating leather to their wardrobes this would be paired best with jeans and maybe a pair of Jordan sneakers.
Adding a high collar to any jacket makes a woman's neck look elongated, which is definitely a feature any woman wants to have. This amazing fashionista woman's designer leather jacket gives that exact illusion. With the angled zipper across the front,it also helps taper in the waist line. The contrasting colors of red and black are so simplistic but with the quilted collar and shoulders of this fabulous jacket, it gives the most feminine touch any girl could ask for. It’s truly is one-of-a-kind and is one that can make any girl in the world feel like a true fashionista.
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